It was two days before the presentation, and I knew tomorrow I had work until the evening, Yvon had football practice, and Abby was embroiled in the logistics of a school-wide food drive. We decided to plan ahead and agreed to meet for Wednesday off hours. No warning given, noContinue Reading

Letter from the Editor Gwyneth Murphy – Editor-in-Chief In our November issue, we published an article entitled “Criminal Justice increases prop security following graphic video.” Rank&File articles go through an extensive editing process, and this story was no different. We felt justified in its publication because we conducted research fromContinue Reading

In one of the enduring moments in the legal battle for student’s rights, Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas delivered the line “it can hardly be argued that students […] shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” His majority opinion in the case TinkerContinue Reading

The late bus runs on Mondays from 5 to 5:30 p.m. and is a great advantage for those who stay after school for clubs, activities and after school help. At the same time, its effectiveness is limited because it is only available one day out of the whole week. ThereContinue Reading

Going to community college is often unnecessarily looked down upon by the student community. As college applications approach deadline, more often than not, students want to leave this area purely because they dislike northern Virginia. This area may not be what everyone is searching for, but it is a shameContinue Reading

America has a lot to purge from its system. Fear of difference, rejection of the establishment and hate and anger; the underestimated movement of the 2016 election came at an unfortunate time and cost for progressive legislation, but it was unavoidable. According to our nation’s history, the anger of votersContinue Reading

Despite how much progress technology has made, we are still bound to using paper for assignments, homework and pretty much anything remotely academic. The World Institute reports that globally, more than 300 million tons of paper are consumed yearly, with Canada and the United States being the leading manufacturing countries.Continue Reading

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), specifically crops such as corn, wheat, tomatoes and rice, are rising in popularity as the agricultural industry attempts to keep up with the rapidly increasing population. A GMO is the result of a process by which genes from one organism are inserted into another in orderContinue Reading

For thousands of years, humans have fawned over exotic wild animals while they were trapped behind bars. Currently global climate change is destroying habitats, causing them and the animals who live in it to disappear. This in turn allows zoos to argue their own existence is essential for the preservationContinue Reading