*edited for length and clarity. Gender neutral bathrooms auto-locking, other issues concern club president. Staff writer Reyna Berry: In our last issue, there was a story about a meeting between the Gender Sexuality Alliance and Principal Litz. As one of the sources, you reached out about sharing some more thoughts.Continue Reading

In Nov. 2022, after two rejected drafts, VDOE was asked by the Virginia Board of Education to create a third draft of the K-12 Social Studies Standards. Released in Jan. 2023, these standards aimed to include elements of the prior two drafted standards. The head of the History Department andContinue Reading

To some, software like ChatGPT is a new way to get work done; for others, it represents a growing fear that teaching is becoming obsolete. ChatGPT is a software that generates writing from prompts submitted by users to assist with tasks like writing emails, recipes and essays. English teacher MatthewContinue Reading

At 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 14, senior Ava Grim frantically spams her sister. She’s met with silence. Grim quickly checks her sister’s location to find she’s sleeping safe and sound in her dorm. She’s relieved—but the initial shock was frightening. The day before, Christopher Jones Jr. killed three studentsContinue Reading