The sports department held the annual spring sports banquet on June 6. The banquet began with all the teams together as the coaches and faculty gave speeches and top player awards, but then allowed the various teams to split and hold individual ceremonies. “The spring banquet is about congratulating allContinue Reading

After seven years of coaching the girls varsity soccer team, coaches Ann, Kim and Kelly Germain will no longer be with the team following the latest season. Their departure is due to the busy schedules that each coach has. “It’s a big time commitment and it sort felt like it’sContinue Reading

Athletes who are involved in sports before pursuing military careers receive the experiences and skills needed to meet the demand of military life. “[Sports] teach them how to train, work hard, be a team player and learn the benefits of having someone else depend on you to give them yourContinue Reading

Soon after finishing the season with a record of 16-3 and winning Conference 13, the girls varsity lacrosse team competed in the State Championship Game against Potomac Falls High School, with a final score of 7-19. Despite the loss, the team is optimistic for the next season. “I think thatContinue Reading

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), specifically crops such as corn, wheat, tomatoes and rice, are rising in popularity as the agricultural industry attempts to keep up with the rapidly increasing population. A GMO is the result of a process by which genes from one organism are inserted into another in orderContinue Reading

For thousands of years, humans have fawned over exotic wild animals while they were trapped behind bars. Currently global climate change is destroying habitats, causing them and the animals who live in it to disappear. This in turn allows zoos to argue their own existence is essential for the preservationContinue Reading

  Companion Companion is an app designed for all ages to travel outside safely. By adding contacts from one’s phone and selecting a destination and a mode of transport, “companions” will be able to follow the journey as it happens and receive notifications if something goes wrong or the userContinue Reading

New club Active Minds made its presence known through a series of motivational posters pinned up around the school. Junior Laura Goldberg founded Active Minds with the intention that it be a club that brings to light the issue of mental health, specifically the cases that are most prevalent inContinue Reading

Attendees arrived at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C. on the night of June 4 for a prom that, although maintaining tradition in certain aspects, featured unique additions to separate it from those of years past. While the junior class board of the Student Government Association placed anContinue Reading