Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), specifically crops such as corn, wheat, tomatoes and rice, are rising in popularity as the agricultural industry attempts to keep up with the rapidly increasing population. A GMO is the result of a process by which genes from one organism are inserted into another in orderContinue Reading

While freedom of speech exists in countries all across the world, few things are more emblematic of American society than the right of citizens to openly criticize even the most powerful politicians without fear of retribution. The libel laws that protect journalists, however, have come under fire in the presidentialContinue Reading

Almost everyone has had a point in their life where they think their parents didn’t provide enough leniency, and who’s to say you’re wrong? Between our social lives and school work, where’s the fine line barrier of personal space?


In our academics it’s important for our guardians to make sure we aren’t failing out of high school. What is not their job, however, is to do all of our homework and projects for us. Once we graduate, we can’t be phoning up Mom when we can’t solve a math problem or need help with an essay.

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One of the most stressful times for juniors and seniors at Marshall is just around the corner: prom.

The night is known for dancing and extravagant dresses spent with friends or that special someone, but if you don’t already have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, the hunt to find that partner can be frustrating.

Even if you already are in a long lasting relationship, there’s still the need to ask your partner-in-crime to the most important event of the year.
A solution to this dilemma is creating Prom Asking Week.

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Now is the time. Find a summer job! Many students in Northern Virginia are lucky enough to consider many options for their summer breaks: vacation, charity, travel, work. There is true value in an honest summer job for everybody, though, even those who don’t need the money.

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The zero-tolerance drug possession policy is once again up for revision this June when the new Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) contract for the 2013-2014 school year is drafted up. Will the school board actually respond to popular demand this year by relaxing its rules regarding drug possession? It remains to be decided.

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Since France has invaded Mali, they have won praise from numerous NATO nations, including Great Britain and the United States for its contribution to the war on terrorism. Within the first week of their intervention, French-led forces captured key locations along the border with the al Qaeda-controlled north and began critical bombing operations which crushed the enemy forces.
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The number of illegal immigrants in Virginia rose to 210,000 this year, making the state home to the 12th largest population of illegal immigrants nationwide.
While counties such as Loudoun and Prince William have created measures to deny illegal immigrants services and allow police to ask the legal status of individuals, Fairfax has not followed suit. In fact, the policies towards illegal immigrants in Fairfax County are so lenient that the area appears at the top of several online lists of “sanctuary communities.”
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Bombing a test on a bad day should not be the factor to make or break your grade. Students can fail because they’re anxious and stressed since they have many other important assignments and tests going on the same week.

These feelings of stress can be a negative impact on a student’s grade, which continues to add stress if there is no remediation available for the student.

Without remediation some students who failed the first time will have no opportunity to bring up their grade or learn the material they misunderstood.

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