Gotham City Impostors is a very interesting change of pace after Batman: Arkham City and it will satisfy most everyday gamers. First of all, it is an online first person shooter, with a maximum of 6v6 players online match, which was previously unseen for any batman game. Also, with its cartoony graphics and colorful character design the game takes a different spin on the Batman franchise.The game has a basic plot behind it: a group of Batman and Joker impersonators (Bats and Jokerz) fight each other over the control of Gotham City.

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After months of intense hype, Nintendo’s 3DS finally hit store shelves on Mar. 21. The system is the next generation of Nintendo’s handheld DS systems. When I first heard about the 3DS several months ago, I feared it would suffer the same fate as the DSi, the previous generation ofContinue Reading

Halo: Reach, the final Halo installment to be made by Bungie, the original Halo creators, is set directly prior to Halo: Combat Evolved. Humanity has been at war with the Covenant, a group of aliens embarking on a religious venture that involves annihilating humanity. Planet Reach is the military strongholdContinue Reading

Combine a clich? premise and stereotypical roster of characters with a phenomenal multi-player mode and vibrant graphics, and you get Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the sequel to Electronic Art?s 2008 first-person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company and the next installment in the Battlefield: 1942 series.Continue Reading